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Reflexiones del oficial de enlace sobre la expedición

The most joyious and adventurous sports of the world is Mountaineering and climbing. I am going to comment on this nice topic today. Karakorum range is one of the beautiful paradise of mountaineers. I joined Spanish Broad Peak Expedition 2008 as an official of government of Pakistan on 22nd june 2008. Met the expedition members in Regency Motel Islamabad. After some official formalities we started our journy through KKH (karakorum highway) the 8the wounder of the world because the flight on which we had to fly to skardu was cancelled due to bad weather. we stayed in besham for overnight. next day after a long and tiring journy we reached skardu Concordia Motel. Next day we had to had some shopping for moutains. On 25 june 2008 we hired jeeps for askole, from there we enjoyed the trek till base camp by foot through jhola, payu, urdukas, ghoroII and concordia. Concordia is the place from where you can see and feel yourself in mountaineers paradise. The mighty K-2 is dominating the view. mitre peak, chongholisa broad peak and the beautiful gasherbrum IV. It is said that K-2 (choghori) is king mountain Chongholisa is called Queen mountain and they both have a doughter angel peak which in the lape of K-2.

I would like to tell something about my expedition members. God has been kind to me that i have enjoyed a good company of all of them. Each and every person in this expedition is representing spain is great and professional in thier job. Juan Carlos gonzalez, Rafael merchan cotos, santiago Martin; Alberto Zeraín, Aitor Las Hayas, Catalina Quesada, Alfredo García and Diego Hernández all of them were in a great and high morale and sportsmen spirit to conqure the ice queen broad peak. During aclamatization the leader Juan carlos and the gracy person Rafael merchan cotos got some problem, they got ill and unfortunately we had to call for a rescue helicopter they went back to their homeland. we are missing them. Later on another fellow from spain (Martin Ramos) joined us after summiting gasherbrum-II. Other wise catalina also joined our expedition in Islamabad after conquring the father of Himalayas (the Mount Everest). Now we have new leader santiago. Alberto good fellow and physically very fit and high willpower to leave his foot prints on various peaks Aitore is looks like on top of broad peak and i find him on summit soon. Alfredo a very helping and cooperative guy i must say that he is the future big name among mountaineers. Diego is enthusiastic and has a good will power he can prove his ability, when he get older he will look like a typical mountaineer. Catalina is very experienced and well acclamatized after summiting Everest and is very sure about the twin success. Santiago has the ability and capability to lead the group to success and i am sure he will prove it.

Martin Ramos after summitting broad peak has left for spain we wish him good and safe journy. My personal experience as official is not so much but i have come across many people of the world. I find the spainish fellows as good humanbeings. they are very nice, kind,professional and peace loving guys i liked them very much. they as well when they go back to spain i hope they also remember pakistan and our hospitality in good words. My duty with the expedition is to facilitate them and to ensure their security during the journy and their stay in Pakistan. whenever they find any problem i have to solve it, if i could not solve i have to convey it to higher officials. I like them and i wish them their succes in their mission.
(captain Muhammad Anwar sharif) Laision Officer. anwar36206@yahoo.com

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